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>Live for Speed S2 has been released
Hello Racers!

The first full public version of S2 has now been released! Smile

Live for Speed S2 0.5P ALPHA was released yesterday (Friday 24th June) and it has been going very well since then! We are very happy with the reactions from those people who were already waiting, quickly downloaded it and got straight in there online, around 900 racers were online at the same time at one point in the evening - a new record! And we were happy that the day went so smoothly, thanks to enough careful preparation and greatly helped by the many nice people who were able to lend us a lot of high speed download links. Smile S2 ALPHA download page

The LFS World statistics site has a completely new look and has been very well received. Constructed in a familiar "desktop" style, including icons and pop-up windows, it looks great and is extremely easy and intuitive to use, just one or two clicks to find any information you want to look up. Smile

Why we decided to release S2 in its "alpha" stage... recently we started to hold, more and more frequently, medium length races of 1 to 2 hours, with our beta testers, in a variety of racing classes. After sorting out various issues over several weeks, we began to really enjoy the races, and soon it became clear that the standard was high enough that the wider community would be able to get the benefit of all the new improvements.

In these longer races, it's very interesting planning your strategy, including your fuel load, choice of tyres and number of pit stops. Sometimes a racing incident involving damage, excessive tyre wear or a puncture forces you to think fast and quickly open up the F12 screen to change your strategy or settings before you turn into the pit lane. In every race we had, each beta tester arrived at the end of the race with his own unique story to tell. Smile

Some more information about the new S2 ALPHA :

By "alpha", we mean that everything is in place but not necessarily 100% refined or complete. So nearly all features that will be in the future Final version of S2 are there already, but there will be updates to physics, car models, track scenery, and refinement of features, between the Alpha and Final releases.

You need an S2 license to unlock all the content, or an S1 license to unlock the updated S1 content. S2 users can benefit from the automatic in-game skin downloading. To help you make car skins, you should download the CMX Viewer which contains a small, fast car viewer program and a high-resolution blank template of the skin for every car. S2 users are now able to upload 20 personal car skins and helmet skins here: (LFS World). Skin makers, please note that the RB4, LX4, LX6 and UFR models will be updated again before the Final version and this is likely to affect your skins.

S2 is not only about fuel usage and tyre changes on racing cars! Smile The road cars are also a lot better than they were in S1, mainly due to the more complex tyre, differential and suspension simulations, and of course there are some new sports cars as well.

Thanks for reading. We are sure you will enjoy the S2 Public Alpha!

Gentlemen, start your engines! Smile

Some S2 features :

Further developed physics and multiplayer systems
2 new single seater racing cars (not for the faint hearted)
3 GTR racing cars of around 500 bhp (keep your hair on)
2 front wheel drive racing saloon cars
2 sports cars, one rear and one mid engine
1 1000cc front wheel drive road car (where's that corner)
Kyoto Ring, Japan - with an Oval configuration
Westhill, England - a high speed track
Aston, England - long and short configurations
8 S1 cars with graphical and physical developments
3 updated S1 tracks (Blackwood, Fern Bay, South City)
New objects added to the S1 Autocross arena
Various types of suspension with realistic motion
Support for symmetric and asymmetric setups
Tyre wear, surface and and air temperatures
48 sampling spots per tyre allowing flat spots
Simulated and visible tyre deformation
Fuel usage, pit stops, speed limits and penalties
F12 Pit instructions system to change strategy
F11 Live settings : anti roll bar and brake balance
Yellow Flag and Blue Flag warning systems
Driver changing for time-based races e.g. 24 hour
And more...



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LFS S2 PATCH W Released!

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之前的幾個patch都冇係度登出來,非常抱歉 Sad


以下是由patch v轉為patch w的變更 (英文):
Sound :

Included new default car sounds created by DaveWS
Engine sounds automatically switch to new defaults
No need to type edit_eng before using sound editor
Distortion is constant regardless of volume setting
New PACK button in sound editor to load a sound pack
TV camera and SHIFT+U avoid skid / wind volume boost
SKid and wind volumes are 33% louder for all settings

2D Display :

Improved small map car pointers
Improved needles and markers on clocks
Slightly more efficient 2d graphics drawing
Driver names appeared too late when using wide FOV
User LOD defaults to 0.8 (higher than old versions)
Reduced width of lag meter (see more with ctrl+shift)
Cars one lap behind are now shown in grey on small map
FIX : Wide screen autocross object selection buttons
FIX : Invisible warning when wrong way reversing

Graphics :

Higher resolution image in mirrors
Higher level of detail available in main view
LOD is no longer reduced with fov over 90 degrees
Removed unecessary LOD checks on most scenery
Removed option "Wider screen increases LOD"
Removed option "All scenery at maximum LOD"

Interface :

Selected setup is displayed in F12 menu
Another small reduction in pit-out glitch
ESC now closes live suspension view and sound editor
HOME key now works correctly in single player replays
ESC in game setup screen now exits to entry screen
SHIFT+O in main entry screen now goes to options
CTRL+S saves a screen shot to the shots folder
Setups can be sorted by name as well as date
Any resolution as wide as 3:1 is considered 3 screen
FIX : Default sound selected when deleting a colour
FIX : Mouse cursor is now visible on window border
FIX : Small renaming bug when saving replays

Multiplayer :

Some improvements to the ? info system in List of Games
LFS S1 / S2 hosts can now store up to 400 banned users
Admins can now use in-game : /laps /qual /hours /wind
New InSim packets (pit - penalty - take over - flags)
Join specific game - colours are removed from name
New option /adminslots=X reserves slots for admins
FIX : MsgOutPack (MSO) now shows long user messages
FIX : Wrong delay "setup changes" after tyre change

Views :

View options now visible before you go on track
Separate FOV stored for each car's custom view
Separate steer look option for each custom view
Improved options for follow view (chase cam)
View screen rearranged to make more sense

Misc :

New language included : Slovenian / Slovenski
Game setup screen stats : join - pit - spectate
Unlocks now increased every Friday instead of monthly
Master port is now selectable in cfg.txt (29339 or 8080)
Set log file name / or /log to stop logging
FIX : Unlocking issue with AMD Athlon 64
FIX : Unlocking issue with Cedega

完整LFS S2連W patch的下載地址:

(而有之前版本的LFS S2的話會遊戲自動更新)


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新測試版Patch W17推出!

新測試版patch W 17剛於4月25日推出,而之前我沒提及的W9,W10的特色已包括在內.今次測試版Patch W17最大的特色是網上對戰時加至32位對手!令外,W17亦修補了壹些W10的Bug.

W17的新改變 (英文):
Changes in TEST PATCH W17 :


Max cars in multiplayer race increased to 32
InSim updated, allowing up to eight TCP connections
Small map colours : Options... Display... Interface
Removed the sound of a player pitting or spectating
Last loaded layout name visible after track changed
Start lights interval now between 1 and 4 seconds
Removed digital speedo option from view options
Qualifying session now starts from the pits
Added button to spectate from garage


Wrong screen message "x was banned" after an OOS disconnection
AI did not use correct car colours when added in game with /ai
Could start in reverse if changing down at end of last race
Show driver in garage allowed more penalty weight to be added

Changes in TEST PATCH W10 :


Immediate join at start of qualifying now starts from pit box
Connection bars are not drawn if they would obscure tyre info
Single player now allows up to 20 ai cars (powerful pc needed)
Small map cars more than one lap ahead are a different colour
Autocross : 28 results now stored - scroll with PgUp / PgDn
Added handicap mass and restriction to hotlap file header
Demo races limited to 12 cars (15 guests still allowed)
Better messages showing the reason for disconnection
Maximum added mass limited to around 20% of car mass
Admin can see kick and ban buttons even if /vote=no


Incorrect false start penalties while stationary at start
Displayed mass in garage flickered while moving handicap slider
False start penalty was given for an early start in qualifying
Corrected width of split time difference (in live position list)
Wrong "A race is starting" if track changed but no race started
Joining a waiting start grid sometimes produced a false start
Could quickly pit and return to grid to remove a false start
Skins used in race were not stored correctly in MP replays
Admins could not kick or ban using the list of connections
Could be given a pit penalty on a track with no pit lane
MRT would fly about if voluntary added mass was too high

Changes in TEST PATCH W9 :

Car is no longer held at start line - false starts possible
Start lights time between red and green is changed each race
Implemented the canreset option while leaving hotlaps valid
Added preload setting to clutch pack differentials
Increased number of cars in race from 20 to 28
Increased number of connections from 24 to 48
Single player and demo races now up to 16 cars
Start and pit fuel loads range from 1% to 100%
New voluntary handicap system in pits (part of setup)
Remote car's handicap shown in F11 menu, tyres in F12 menu
Global handicaps for class balancing (set by master server)
Removed the need to pass a split after receiving admin penalty
Start grid remains when track or config changes (if possible)
More commands now work on AI drivers : /spec /pitlane /p_xxx
More commands work even if player joining e.g. /spec /laps
Grid reordering is now done on end race as well as restart
New /i command to send a message to a race control program
Added short track name to SPR, MPR and RAF file formats
More race tracking info added to InSim (see InSim.txt)
Admins can now see other admins in list of connections
Admins can now edit and /axsave layouts while online
Admin ban dialog now asks for a number of days to ban
Added text on screen showing the reason for a penalty
Race penalty can now be removed with /p_clear command
Send all players to their pits with /pit_all command
Autocross results table only shows best 12 results
Timeout for dead connection reduced to 12 seconds
Kick and ban votes are held open a little longer
Removed the option not to use HVS if available
SHIFT + S enters garage from game setup screen
SHIFT + O enters options from SP replay
Display option : Virtual steering gauge
Display option : Rotate small map

FIX : F12 now shows "Pit stop required : OK" correctly
FIX : Find user in S2 mode looking for racer on S1 host
FIX : Message "NETWORK FATAL : NOTSOCK" when joining a host
FIX : Autocross layout number of laps sometimes did not load

下載地址 (EXE版本):

下載地址 (ZIP版本):

(安裝此測試版patch W 17前必須先安裝了LFS S2 W版本.)

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Live For Speed S2 Patch Z推出!

發表 由 lemans 于 周四 8月 27, 2009 6:40 pm

Patch Z主要是更新各車的車廂,同時把XF GTR由傳統手動六速波箱改為序列式波箱,而當中再有壹些物理更新及正式加入反鋸齒功能.

Patch Z詳細改變如下:
Full list of changes in Patch Z :

Graphics :

updated interiors in FOX / FO8 / XF and XR (GTR and road) cars
Improved frame rates - subobjects now use hardware vertex shading
Improved sky rendering - less distortion, small frame rate increase
Smarter level of detail calculations for best detail and frame rate
Driver names are now directly above car with no acceleration offset
Antialiasing and anisotropic filtering support in Graphics Options
Mirrors with horizontal offset applied now stay inside windscreen
JPG advert textures now used in all tracks (folder : data\pic)
Improved control of mip bias : 4 sliders in Graphics Options
Graphical and audio dynamic lod reductions are now instant
Increased maximum number of car shadows from 8 to 16
Antialiased virtual start lights and steering gauge
FIX : RB4 dashboard wrong in left hand drive mode

Physics :

XF GTR now has a sequential gearbox with ignition cut
Wind speeds and variations are now more moderate / less wild
Small improvements to default setups of XR Turbo / XR GTR / XF GTR
Moved and lowered centre of gravity in GTR cars for better handling
Lowered centre of gravity and updated rear suspension of XRT and RB4

Replays :

Escape menu and options now available during a multiplayer replay
Replay controls & timeline visible with mouse at bottom of screen
SP and MP replays now loop unless started by /mpr or /spr commands
External replay starting now works from replay screen or in replay
FIX : Paused indicator is now shown when paused at start of replay
FIX : Hang if escape menu was open at the end of a non-looping SPR
FIX : Could get stuck leaving a paused MPR while guest connecting
FIX : LFS wrongly allowed replay after adding AI in single player

Licensed demo racers system :

Demo racers now need a user name and GAME password to go online
Unified List of Hosts - S2 users can all Demo / S1 / S2 hosts
Demo / S1 racers can see all hosts running Demo / S1 content
Demo racers now automatically download skins but not upload

Double byte character support :

Included Chinese, Japanese and Korean translations
Selectable fonts for these languages in Game Options
Input method editor support including candidate lists
IME automatically switched on and off in text entry dialog
Input language is shown when editing text (white if IME active)
Name of active Chinese input method is shown (but not in Vista)

Translations support :

New Bulgarian translation including training lessons
Added flags beside names of translations in Game Options
New and updated training lesson translations in various languages
Tips section in training can have more lines if purpose is not full
FIX : Host welcome text was displayed in local code page (now Latin)
FIX : Overlapping text in F12 menu asymmetrical settings (in Polish)
FIX : Code page error on List of Hosts after changing language
FIX : Corrupted in-game text after changing language

Interface :

Faster text drawing system improves frame rate
Separate text entry field for AI number plates
Various minor graphical improvements in the interface
Improved filter (16 bit / 32 bit / all) in Screen Options
Network debug messages are no longer sent in InSim packets
Interface improvements including updated entry screen and options
Text input box is now drawn above user messages so easier to type
Hotlapping in demo version - user name is now stored in the replay
Controls setup now includes sensitivity multipliers for mouse axes
Auto mode switching so F9 to F12 / N / SHIFT+L work even if hidden
Line breaks in help text and lesson text now depend on actual width
Success or failure message is now shown for one second after CTRL+S
New game setup screen info message "X removed Y from the start grid"
FIX : In some rare cases SHIFT+U mode did not move with an arrow key
FIX : Changing gear shift type while driving made SPR go out of sync
FIX : Enter pits "Could not load colours" after renaming car colours
FIX : Autocross / drag can no longer be selected in hotlapping mode
FIX : It was possible to join a race with same name as an AI driver
FIX : Disabled various text commands from training (including /ai)
FIX : Sometimes incorrect message "Road tyres on rallycross track"
FIX : Code page of text when adding a new music track in channels
FIX : OutGauge and OutSim are no longer closed by starting InSim
FIX : Info button in List of Hosts showed laps instead of hours
FIX : Wall riding was possible on soft walls at South City
FIX : Command /entry did not work while watching a replay
FIX : ALT+F4 did not exit LFS from a training lesson

Multiplayer :

Dedicated host and network debug show connecting guest IP
New command /ndebug=no/yes to switch off/on network debug
New option /lytdir allows dedicated hosts to specify layout folder
On local network hosts only - false start no longer causes spectate
FIX : Admin could crash dedicated host by mistake with some commands
FIX : Host name code page error after clicking '?' in List of Hosts
FIX : Inaccurate remote cars lap time after passing a split in MPR
FIX : False message : Your skin was not found at
FIX : Joining a host with same name AI resulted in Join OOS
FIX : Rapid /ai command could exceed number of cars allowed
FIX : Rapid /ai NAME command resulted in AI with same name
FIX : User could spam TCP requests causing overload
FIX : Skin name buffer overflow exploit

Misc :

Added output frequency and slip fraction to the RAF file output
Documentation references to '<' / '>' keys changed to ',' / '.'
InSim : A LAG bit is now available in the MCI CompCar structure
InSim : MCI packets are now sent at regular game update intervals
Improved cfg.txt Music Dir option (specifies folder for ogg files)
All paths (including reversed configs) now included (in SMX folder)
FIX : Removed continual memory allocations in car shadow processing
FIX : Number of AI now correctly limited when using the /ai command
FIX : Updated car scripts XFR.lfs / FXR.lfs / XRR.lfs (sequential)
FIX : Ban statistic was sent when attempting to ban a host by /ban
FIX : AI could decide to refuel too late at tracks with one split
FIX : Low ASCII characters can no longer be read from text files
FIX : Could select invalid configuration and weather in cfg.txt

Known issues :

Stray pixels at texture edges increased by AA / AF
Dedicated host does not display double byte characters
Name of active Chinese input method is not shown in Vista

完整LFS S2連Patch Z的下載地址:

(而有之前版本的LFS S2的話會遊戲自動更新)


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新Patch Z15釋出

發表 由 lemans 于 周四 8月 27, 2009 6:40 pm

VirtualR 寫到:The Live for Speed team have released a new test patch for their simulation, addressing various small issues with the sim, containing no new content such as cars or tracks.

The patch can be downloaded below, make sure to have version Z of Life for Speed installed before using it.


FIX : Pit exit indicator was a square in double byte languages
FIX : Rim / tyre polygon alignment was wrong (left wheels FXO / UF1)
FIX : Pitlane exit direction arrows did not work in training lessons
FIX : MPR buffer overflow vulnerability (reported by muhaa – thanks)
FIX : Could cross finish line without passing all route checkers
FIX : Skin names containing a ‘.’ could not be loaded in LFS
FIX : Colour extended into skin download progress indicator
FIX : F12 tyre display for remote car could go off screen
FIX : MRT5 gear indicator and fuel gauge are now visible
FIX : Short cuts were possible in slalom course training
FIX : Autocross route checkers only worked for one lap
TEST key added for Wine users. The new shadows are known to go
wrong when LFS is run using Wine on a Linux computer. Press SHIFT+K
to try out a test version to see if it makes any difference.
On Windows computers, the test version is slightly slower.



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>New Tyre Physics
Hello LFS Racers,

We are pleased to announce that a new tyre physics model is currently in the testing and refinement stage.

Many community members have been wondering what happened to the release
of the new VW Scirocco and why there was no news about it.
Here are the reasons why :

While we were working on the Scirocco in December, we found that we
could not make the LFS model handle as well as the real car. One of the
reasons for this was that the LFS tyres had too much grip and this was
causing the inside wheels to lose too much load while cornering. But
simply reducing the grip would not have been a good approach... the
result would have been just the same old LFS but at lower speeds.

We decided to look into a completely new core tyre model.

For several weeks it was just research and mathematics on paper, then
the implementation started. A lot of old programming needed to be
removed and refined in order to allow the new model to slot into its
place. Next was the early refinement stage, at first seen only by the
developers, while the main issues were sorted out. During this period
we did not want to make any announcements about what we were working
on, because it was possible that the new tyre model would not really
work out. That did seem less likely as time went on, as more of the
problems with the old tyre model came to the surface. The new LFS tyre
model has a good mathematical basis for the way forces are produced
from the physical state of the tyre, resulting in improved handling and
feel with greater realism.

After some time we got to a stage where we felt the model was a clear
improvement on the old physics. We updated all the default setups to
use realistic values that would be found on similar real world cars and
finally released it to our beta testers. Their verdict is unanimous :
the new tyre physics model makes the cars much better and more
realistic to drive.

There is quite a bit of refinement to be done and other aspects of car
physics to update. Also the traction control and stability control of
the VW Scirocco still need to be updated. So we cannot yet give a
release date. This news item is intended as a progress report and to
assure you that Live for Speed will be better when you do get the

A reminder :
- The new physics will be a free update for all LFS users
- The VW Scirocco will be available to S1 and S2 license holders


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Patch Z28及新消息

發表 由 lemans 于 周六 11月 28, 2009 4:06 pm

Live for 寫到:
Live for Speed S2, version Z28

Hello LFS Racers.

We have released a new, full version with an installer and a some updates : Z28

It is compatible with version Z, so does not contain the new tyre physics or the VW Scirocco. The main reason for this new version is that LFS really needed an installer. This will make it a lot easier for new users to install LFS, and there are also benefits for existing users.

The installer gives you a default folder of C:\LFS but you can choose wherever you like. Vista and Windows 7 users should preferably not use their Program Files folder because of some issues that come up.

The installer is very non-intrusive, it just extracts LFS into the specified folder and adds an icon to your desktop (if you wish) and a start menu item (if you wish). Also optional is an automatic setup of file associations for SPR / MPR / LYT and SET files.

One thing many of our users liked about the self extracting archives is that they wrote no information at all to the Windows registry. Our installer does make at least one entry to the registry, to allow the uninstaller to work. Also the optional file associations are registry entries. You can recreate an old-style install, with absolutely nothing added to the registry and no shortcuts by following these two steps :

1) Install LFS (you can disable all file associations and shortcuts during the install)
2) Uninstall LFS - you'll see an option that allows you to leave the LFS folder in place. All registry entries and shortcuts will be removed.

Also new is updated support for the URL lfs:// which can be used to start LFS using a command line from a web page. This is the new method for "Join" links at and from the forum. Previously a special program needed to be installed but now the links will work for any copy of LFS installed using the installer.

NOTE : You will need to unlock after installing Z28!

This is because of a fix for some hibernating computers losing their unlock.
We have reset everyone's available unlocks to three (as if you had bought a new license).

Changes from Z25 to Z28 :

Reduced minimum view height in SHIFT+U mode
Reduced minimum speed in SHIFT+U mode to 0.1 m/s
Multiple host passwords are now stored (Join Specific Host screen)
Added support for lfs:// (start LFS with command line from web page)
FIX : Could not join S1 or S2 host after unlocking in Multiplayer screen
FIX : Clicking SPR / MPR did not work with "Load track when starting"
FIX : Two or more dedicated hosts could be started with same port
FIX : It was possible to reset the car while a vote was in progress
FIX : Help buttons sometimes translated after returning to English

下載Patch Z28的三種方法 :

1) AUTO UPDATER - If you already have version V, W, X, Y or Z :

- Click on "Multiplayer" then "List of Hosts" in LFS and choose a download mirror.

2) 如已安裝Patch Z25的請下載此包:

3) FULL VERSION下載 (134 MB):

Tyre Physics Progress Report

Hello LFS Racers,

As we said in our news item on 21st August, we have been working on a new tyre physics model. It has a good mathematical basis for the forces a tyre produces under varying circumstances and does feel good to drive, so we are very pleased with the new model. The new physics and plans for the VW Scirocco have inspired some other developments that are now important to get the best experience from the updates.

Most of the remaining development is in the following sections :

- Tyre heating and cooling
- AI driver improvements
- Limited setup system
- Suspension updates
- VW stability control

We'll now talk a little about these things, and some of our plans. Please be aware that these are just plans as we see them now. Plans can change, and they often do, so it is very likely that some things you read below will be different from the final result.

Tyre heating and cooling

As the tyre model is completely different, both in the contact patch (frictional effects) and also the way the tyre reacts to loads (deflection depending on air pressure and sidewall stiffness) the old tyre heating system no longer worked properly. So we have been trying new things, with some success, but at this time there are still noticeable issues that need to be sorted out. We found it impossible to simply use the old heating model with some adjusted figures as we had hoped. Some more real updates are needed to get the heating and cooling of tyres right.

AI driver improvements

Just recently we discovered that the AI were driving around too slowly because they were underestimating the available grip. But because available grip depends on tyre load in a non-linear way, it turns out that some of the programming for the AI drivers needs a little reorganising. Many community members like to drive with AI in single player mode, so it is important for them to drive at a good speed.

Limited setup system

We mentioned before that the VW Scirocco would be our first car with a limited setup. But as time went by, that plan changed a little. We realised that limited setups would be a popular option for online hosts. It is a feature that has often been requested. It would allow people to race in road cars that feel like road cars (not stiffened and lowered) and still be competitive. So we decided the limited setups should be an option that applies to many of the LFS cars. For example, in limited setup mode, the standard road cars would only allow tyre pressure and toe adjustments. The LX6 / RAC / FZ5 class (LRF) would also allow compression and rebound damping to be adjusted along with ride height and adjustable anti roll bars (in some cases). The idea is to allow the same adjustments you could make on the real car without changing any parts.

Suspension updates

In order to implement the limited setup system, we needed some good standard setups, the kind that these cars would have in real life. In comparison with most LFS setups currently in use, the new default road car setups are a lot softer. Our testers noticed that with the new setups some cars can be a bit tricky at times, for example when adjusting the accelerator while cornering or when braking into corners. In real life, the suspension geometry is designed to produce an anti-dive effect under braking and anti-squat under acceleration. This has until now been absent from the LFS suspension systems, but now looks like an important development to support the realistic setups.

VW stability control

The special traction control and stability control systems for the VW Scirocco still need to be completed. We don't intend to make this as complex and refined as the real VW systems. We do want to recreate some of the beneficial effects of those systems that can apply individual wheel brakes to help the car go where the driver wants it to, when things begin to get out of shape.

We hope this progress report gives some insight into what has been going on. As you can see there are still important things to be completed. It's hard to know how long the tyre heat and suspension updates will take, so we are still not able to estimate a release date.

A reminder :
- The new physics will be a free update for all LFS users
- The VW Scirocco will be available to S1 and S2 license holders

Patch Z28基本上是修復一些小問題;而下面的報告似乎告知大家新輪胎物理將至,但Scirocco的推出日期仍然成疑...

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