rFactor 2新遊戲圖片及資訊


rFactor 2新遊戲圖片及資訊

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A little more than a week ago, first screenshots of rFactor 2 created quite a stir in the sim racing community. Even though the shots were warmly welcomed, most main questions about the successor to rFactor still remain unanswered.

Gjon Camaj is slowly shedding some light on several things by releasing interesting updates on Twitter. If you′re not following the rFactor 2 tweets, here are some facts you may have missed: rFactor mods will theoreticly be compatible to rFactor 2 as ISI encourages modders to convert their created content. Even though no details on the required procedure have been given, Camaj points out that converting the mods won’t be a drag & drop process.

Another interesting update mentions a new rights management system. Does anybody have any clue what this might be about? It could be that ISI is preparing the new title for paid content. Even though there have not been any pay mod and just a handful of pay tracks for rFactor, this may be because of the current lack of a copy-protection system for such content. Also mentioned is multi-head support for more than three screens as well as work on the new UI.

This is badly needed as rFactor probably has the worst UI of all simulation titles currently available. The final update confirms another much requested feature as fine-tuning work on driver animations are mentioned. No more fake arms, glued to the steering wheel



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