Toni Vilande親身試Endurance Series Mod


Toni Vilande親身試Endurance Series Mod

發表 由 lemans 于 周五 11月 16, 2012 11:30 am

Ferrari的GT車手Toni Vilande日前親自測試了rFactor的Endurance Series Mod, 並發了一些感受:

The feeling of the car is realistic and it is easy to reach the sense of driving. Nature of the engine is very close to real. There are no major differences in the engine and drivetrain behavior, when compaired to the real car. Deceleration under braking is lifelike, but in some corners the tail of the car feels too loose at the end of braking and beginning of turn in. When losing control in a slide, the real car is still recoverable with countersteering at the point when all control is lost in the simulation. The handling of the car in apex driving and when exiting turns feels natural.

The problem about losing control of the car in the end of braking is repairable with the right setup changes. For example changing the ride height setups gives a very good response, like it does in real life. I have not made a big effort to find an optimal setup for the mod, but the changes I have made so far have always responded logically. Concerning tires, most of the time I have driven with super soft tires and they seem to behave very close to real. In the first few laps the grip is very good and then it gradually decreases.
內容除指出Endurance Series Mod如在通過Apex位及出灣表現真實外, 亦指出了在Mod中的車在剎車尾段和轉入時, 車尾都不像真車般穩定, 而且很多時當車出現橫滑亦不能像真車般透過反打方向盤來修正車輛.

不過Toni Vilande亦表示這些問題可以如真實賽車一樣, 透過合適的設定來修正問題.

總體來說, 我對專業車手都讚Mod感到高興, 現在還很有衝動立刻去試一試Endurance Series Mod啊~

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