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MafiaScene會員ASM 寫到:I already published it here at mafiascene some time ago but due to the recent sever change the post is gone so I repost it.

For those not knowing what MafiaCon actually is:
MafiaCon is a Quake-style in-game console for Mafia: City of Lost Heaven. It is actually a port of SACon v2, an in-game console for GTA: San Andreas.

MafiaCon v1.2 provides the same features as MafiaHack (e.g. fly mode (improved), position manager (that also works for cars), several cheats, etc...) plus some additional functions not found in MafiaHack.

As of v1.1 MafiaCon supports v1.0, v1.1 and v1.2 of Mafia.

Screenshot (MafiaCon v1.0):


The zip file includes a readme.txt which contains some basic information about MafiaCon and how to use it. Anyone new to MafiaCon should read it. Especially the section "Things to try" could be of interest.
Extended information can be found in MafiaCon.chm.

MafiaCon v1.2


* Added createcar command which allows you to spawn any vehicle anywhere you want.
* Added repaircar command to repair vehicles.
* Added +move command which should be used instead of "move"
* Added instantkills cheat command.
* Added unlimitedfuel cheat command.
* Increased input delay time so it should be easier to type in things in the console now.
* Added a new config file fairlight.cfg which mimics the ingame keys provided by Fairlight's Trainer +19.

The execution order of multibindings has changed. Multibindings are now executed from first keybinding to last. This is for example an issue when using the mafia.cfg from a previous release of MafiaCon (the F2 keybinding).

The F2 keybinding has changed in the mafia.cfg that comes with MafiaCon v1.2. You now need to press CTRL+F2 to get the weapons. This was done to avoid conflicts with the Fairlight config.

As usual read the readme.txt that is included in the archive!

The download link can be found in the first part of the post.

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